Artifact vessels

Ships of Adamant are living constructs of crystaline nanotech. Adamant vessels gain a highly increased armor and hardness rating, adding 5L/B to both, while remaining stylistically pleasing to the eye. They are also capable of limited self-repair, reducing the repair rating of any ship composed of the material by 2.

The metal forged in heart of a sun (or so legends say) responds with incredible quickness and holds it’s form longer and hardier than any other metal. granting a +1 maneuverability bonus to all Drive rolls to use the ship and +4 Lethal and Bashing soak.

Moons often give the best bounty, and the Holy Moonsilver is a metal most often used by the Empire’s upper-class. ships made with the moon-metal are able to last longer than any other ship of the same make without maintenance. Add one month to the time needed to perform maintenance before the ship begins taking maneuverability penalties, along with a +1 Maneuverability bonus as the metal works with the pilot to shift and turn easily.

While not actually made from stars, this nano-tech metal acts with the will of the Galaxy itself, making ships made of this metal appear to always be in the right place at the right time. +3 to maneuverability and through it’s connection to the Grand Celestial Mountain, all Lore rolls to check in on the Celestial mountain enjoy a +1 die bonus to the rolls.

Made of simple rock and metal alloys, these ships have an unerring accuracy as the Jade circuits allow the targeting programs to work over-time while giving an extra charge to the weapons and shields. When the anima-field is active, + 3 to the base hardness provided (for a total of 18 B/L Hardness,) and allows a Terrestrial to utilize the Dragon’s Wake anima-field, extending their anima-flux 10-yards outside of the ship’s hull. Also a +1 accuracy of any weapons installed and +1 damage.


While sturdier then other types those composed of primary magical material components can still be damaged and even destroyed without the use of special charm designed to destroy artifacts.

Artifact vessels

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