Illysia is a small planet located in the border regions outside the control of the Prince. It’s a self governed planet with six continents:

  • Zadraye
  • Creolos
  • Uthain
  • Ogaria
  • Kascye
  • Dreastan
    And two island groups:
  • Thuil Stelles
  • Prau Tradol

The six continents make up the governing force of the planet while the two island groups exist outside of it for the most part.

At some point in the last 200 years of Illysian history there was an agreead upon idea to perform a great purging of the ‚Äúsuilied" which was a broad term used to describe any of the people the continents deemed unfit for the advancement of their society. It’s very hard to gain access to the mainlands from the islands if you don’t have the proper documentation that proves you weren’t born on the islands. This has fostered a deep animonsity between the islands and the continents, but the two islands groups have developed a strong alliance as well.

Of the six continents, Ogaria is the largest, but a third of the land is a tundra. It’s inhabitants are very set in traditions and the beliefs of their gods. Great spiritual leaders mostly chose to reside here. A lot of old and glorious temples from thousands of years still stand in almost perfect condition because of the care this continent took in looking after them.

It’s neighboring continent Dreastan is also primarily made of a harsh cold climate, but it’s rich in green jade deposites which makes it a prosperous place of Illysia. It has a strong tie with both Ogaria and Kascye from generations of alliances before the planet unified after the last Great War and Purge.

Kascye also has a fair share of green jade deposits as well, although not to the extent of Dreastan. Instead they are known for having cultivated the skill of refining the jade and turning them into great artifacts. Almost all renouned artisans were born in Kascye or traveled there to apprentice under a master.

Creolos is known as the central continent, not for its location so much as it being the continent where most trades from off planet take place. On the outside this continent seems well enough, but it holds the shadiest background of them all. Before Illysia unified in it’s own way, this was where you’d find most of the black market dealings, slavery and the like. On the outside it claims to have left that all the in past and moved on. However, if you look in the right place you might find differently, but not live long enough to tell another soul.

Zadraye and Uthain were once one kingdom at the dawn of Illysia’s great civilizations. It was split between two twins when their father could not choose an heir over the other. And while most thought this would lead to future problems, they two lands have always been close. When Illysia unified as a council to govern the planet, their trails were not as rough as the others when it came to bridging old pasts into new ones. They are the most prosperous country despite not being the richest in green jade deposits. Their people devoted hundreds of years to futhuring advancements in arts of all kinds. They brought about many new ideas for architecture, science and math, as well as music, dance and creative works. It’s here that the council of Illysia meets to delegate, both between themselves and with off world visitors.

Thuil Stelles and Prau Tradol work differently and are run for the most part by the citizens working together to just prosper and survive. You’ll definitely find crime openly taking place there, but most of the people who reside on the islands are just living to get by and very loyal to each other. It’s been almost 200 years since the Purge and the general belief of most Illysian’s is still that these islands are still run rampant with “unsuiled” people who would only bring terrible things to Illysia’s future. They are not as advanced as the rest of Illysia due to the lack of funds and materials to build much. But their are sympathizers in other contients who are trying to change that. Most of them come from Zadraye and Uthain, but some come from Kascye and Ogaria as well. Dreastan for the most part doesn’t seem to care one way or the other, but Creolos has a strict no contact set up with the islands. A fair chunk of the original population that was purged came from Creolos. And if you look at most records, the alligations made against them were false or unjustified which resulted in a deep set animosity between the islands and Creolos.

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